Larry Gamboa, Founder, Think Rich Pinoy on “Scaling up your Real Estate Business to new heights”

Larry Gamboa is a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, who found learning accounting and the internet, dull and difficult. The fact that he was such a poor student of the subject (even as an undergraduate in De La Salle College and even when he won a Fulbright Grant to study in the United States) caused no noticeable damage until he went into business for himself.

Larry joint ventured with Washington Sycip of SGV and William C. Byham of Development Dimensions to launch SGV-DDI. After 10 years of maaging this superb Training and Consulting Company, Larry sold his shares to SGV, and says, “surprisingly I made a lot of money.” Larry wonders, “if I were financially literate, could I have made more money or should I have sold my shares at all?”

Larry believes there must be thousands of guys like him who need to get a positive working understanding of accounting, finance, and the internet, but who are not likely to do so from a standard textbook classroom approach.

He has put together three business so far (managing two) and Larry is still aiming to take one public, possibly with the help of the internet. Larry says “I have made and lost just about enough money to have the requisite humility and pride to write “Think Rich, Pinoy!”

Although he is a bookworm, “Think Rich, Pinoy!” is not an academic book. It is written for folks in the thick of battle (struggling to get out of the rat race), for people who are interested or involved in business, and for those who need to understand how accounting and the internet can benefit them — corporately, spiritually, personally.

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